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Cynthia Smalley is a consummate professional, yet she remains approachable and fun to work with. She was as much a participant in our wedding event as a photographer of it. Most photogs are a bit aloof and task oriented, wanting the event to mold to their style - Cynthia works herself into the flow of your event capturing the magic of the fleeting moments, rather than forcing the standard shots you so often see. Like the best in any field, you hardly get the sense that she is working because she is so natural. And her photos convey it. If you want someone with real creativity and a commitment to her client as well as her craft, I think she is among the very best. Thanks Cynthia!

John Doubleday and Shelly Hunt

People too often show others their wedding pictures out of a sense of obligation or tradition, putting guests on the spot (never mind that their endless anecdotes usually worsen the experience). Conversely, because of Cynthia Smalley Photography, my own wife and I are often asked to show ours off. When we do, we crank up some Sinatra or Bob Marley and just let folks flip through 'em on their own, because nothing we say could improve on the hypnotizing, multi-dimensional images the CSP team captured.

John & Crystal Nelson

Thanks Cynthia! I am really happy with how the photos turned out. It was great working with you. I was super nervous before hand, but you did a great job of making me feel at ease and way more honest in front of the camera. You have a great gift and I hope to work with you in the future. I will surely share my great experience with every actor I run into, who is looking for headshots.

John Gianni

Cynthia's work is great--responses from sf-casting definitely increased once I switched out my old headshots with the ones I did with her. I show up to my auditions with headshots that look like ME (which casting directors love), and that FEEL like me (which I love). I had a great experience working with her, and, it's true, she's so reasonably priced. I sort of wish I needed new headshots already so I could work with her again.


Cynthia Smalley has been my favorite headshot photographer in LA and the Bay Area for over a decade -- and the photographer to whom I send all Waterfront students. If you can get a slot, I highly recommend it -- her work is absolutely fantastic (and very reasonably priced).

Rachael Adler | Artistic Director | Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory

Here's why I love Cynthia, and her photos of me:

Cynthia captured "me." I feel proud every time I show someone my shots, because she found the joy in my eyes, my face and my soul. How do I know? Even though I'm older, people say "you still look the same." That's because the picture is more than what I look like ... Cynthia's work shows who I am.

Mary Windishar